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Brooklyn, NY 11226
United States


New York City is an exciting place to experience contemporary art. Neesh invites you to exchange ideas with serious emerging artists in their studios. Build your art knowledge, build an art collection, build a dialogue that lasts a lifetime.



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Ellie Krakow as Guest Editor of Vector Artists Journal #8

Fran Holstrom

Managing Editors Peter Gregorio, Javier Barrios
Guest Editor Ellie Krakow

LAUNCH: Friday June 22nd, 6:30pm
LOCATION: Whitney Museum of American Art, NYC

Featuring artists:
David Altmejd, Miya Ando, Nobutaka Aozaki, Daniel Bejar, Caitlin Berrigan, Jesus Benavente, Melanie Crean, Esteban del Valle, Nicole Eisenman, Edwin Gonzalez-Ojeda, Cindy Ji Hye Kim, Yashua Klos, Amy Koshbin, Shaun Leonardo, Jen Liu, Esperanza Mayobre, Glendalys Medina, Marilyn Minter, Mores McWreath, Jenny Morgan, Julianne Swartz, Hayal Pozanti, Leslie Thornton, Jonathan VanDyke, Anthony Varalli

An Art Exhibition In The Form Of A Literary Journal

VECTOR Artists Journal publishes a collection of essays by contemporary artists. Each issue focuses on a different city from around the world and compiles a collection of written works by 25 Artists who are based in the specific city. The form, length, and theme is up to each artist.

Essays range from 1-10 pages, are unedited, and arranged in alphabetical order.
Each edition averages 200 pages and is printed in black & white, 500 bound copies are made.
300 are handed out for free at the opening reception and each artist gets 4 copies.
It is simultaneously launched on the VECTOR website for viewing and download.

Each issue is available for free to download in the "Journal" section of this website. You can also view each essay on-line by clicking on an artists name in the "Artists" section

Whitney Museum
99 Gansevoort Street
New York, NY

Ellie Krakow Solo Exhibition @Dickinson College

Fran Holstrom

Ellie Krakow,  Arm Armature #5 (grey, mirroring),  glazed ceramic, photographs on aluminum, wood and paint, 32 x 27.5 x 53.75 inches, 2016

Ellie Krakow, Arm Armature #5 (grey, mirroring), glazed ceramic, photographs on aluminum, wood and paint, 32 x 27.5 x 53.75 inches, 2016

Ellie Krakow will exhibit recent mixed-media works that combine elements of photography and sculpture in her solo exhibition titled "Beige Negative" at Dickinson College, where she is currently faculty in the Art Department.

OPENING: January 22nd
ON VIEW: Jan 22 - Feb 7, 2018

February 7, 2018 from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Goodyear Gallery
595 W. Louther Street
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone: (717) 254-8705

Goodyear Gallery, Goodyear Building (Cedar St. entrance)
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday, 3-5 p.m., Saturday, 2-5 p.m.

Ellie Krakow 2 Exhibtions @Abrons Art Center

Fran Holstrom

Cindy Ji Hye Kim (left) and Ellie Krakow (right)

Cindy Ji Hye Kim (left) and Ellie Krakow (right)

Conceived as a series of overlapping, two-person exhibitions, Volley is an experiment that foregrounds conversation and collaboration as essential aspects of artistic production.  As part of the show. Krakow is doing two sequential two-person exhibitions.  There are two distinct iterations, to interact with the work of Cindy Ji Hye Kim and Nadia Ayari, respectively.  

OPENING: Thurs November 2nd, 7 - 9pm

Nadia Ayari (distance) Ellie Krakow (front)

Nadia Ayari (distance) Ellie Krakow (front)

For the second iteration with Ayari Krakow will be showing a new work, Arm Armature (Modular).  The piece is designed to so that the sculptures and photographs can be positioned in various configurations that shift and change over the course of an exhibition. As part of the reception, Nadia Ayari & Ellie Krakow will read poetry and prose that inform their thinking and artwork. 

OPENING: Saturday Nov 11th from 7-9pm

Ellie Krakow Solo Exhibit @MirandaKuoGallery

Fran Holstrom

Ellie Krakow, detail from exhibition "Square, Line, Circle" at Miranda Kuo, NYC

Ellie Krakow, detail from exhibition "Square, Line, Circle" at Miranda Kuo, NYC

Ellie Krakow's Arm Armature series has been getting the attention it deserves with a solo exhibition titled "Square, Line, Circle" at LES gallery Miranda Kuo. This work reimagines museum armatures, with bold color photography of the artist's own upper limbs positioned to mimic the original, mounted on 3D displays resembling wet clay. Described as 'furniture-pedestals' this series has been shown at several venues in the last year including Nurture Art and Present Company. 

ON VIEW THRU: August 16, 2017
GALLERY HOURS: Wed - Friday, 11am - 5pm
Sat - Sunday, 11am - 6pm

Miranda Kuo Gallery
136 Eldridge Street, NYC 10002

Where Eagles Dare

Fran Holstrom

Art Sale + Two Person Exhibition

"Where Eagles Dare" is an exhibition and art sale featuring Neesh artists and friends from the arts community. $200 per artwork in person, first come, first serve. Something you can’t live without? $250 BUY NOW online to claim a particular artwork. See participating artists here.

Ellie Krakow,  Sketch for Armature , 2016 Glazed ceramic,  9" x 9.25" x 4"

Ellie Krakow, Sketch for Armature, 2016
Glazed ceramic,  9" x 9.25" x 4"

Liz Ainslie,  Get Real , 2013 oil on canvas, 10" x 8"

Liz Ainslie, Get Real, 2013 oil on canvas, 10" x 8"

On view:  the last two Sundays in July
Noon - 5pm
Opening: Sunday, July 16th, 2-5pm

Curated by Fran Holstrom, in collaboration with Aquarius Studios in Ridgewood, Queens

Artists include:
Liz Ainslie, Inna Babaeva, Rachel Beach, Guy Ben-Ari, Vincent Como, Vince Contarino, Andy Cross, William Crump, Stacy Fisher, Eric Hibit, James Hyde, Robin Kang, Katarina Jerinic, Ellie Krakow, Emily Noelle Lambert, Elisa Lendvay, Frank Lentini, Amanda C. Mathis, Matt Miller, Bryn McConnell, Esperanza Mayobre, Steve Mykietyn, John J. O’Connor, Mike Olin, Alex Paik, Ben Pederson, Erika Renee, Jen Schwarting, Mark Sengbusch, Sarah Shirley, Emily Weiner, Leah Wolff, Mitchell Wright

For information on the TWO-PERSON EXHIBITION: Frank Lentini & Amanda C. Mathis, see the post ABOVE.

Aquarius is located at 1116-A Wyckoff Avenue, Queens, NY. For the gallery, enter through the driveway.
(L to Halsey / M to Myrtle Wyckoff / B26 bus from downtown Brooklyn)

Ellie Krakow ON VIEW @NurtureArt

Fran Holstrom

Ellie Krakow has a solo exhibition of her Arm Armature series on view at Nurture Art in Bushwick. Known for her furniture-pedestals which combine ceramic, photographs and customized pedestals, this work at its core represents absence. More specifically, Krakow draws from the contraptions that hold cultural objects in place at museums. Devoid of the significant object the armatures once held, Krakow elaborates with contorted photos of her own body, as well as ceramic shapes, mimicking the original. Several freestanding pieces are on display--come see this superb work in person!

On view through Nov 20th
Hours: 12-6pm Thurs-Sunday

Nurture Art
56 Bogart Street
Brooklyn NY 11206