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Brooklyn, NY 11226
United States


New York City is an exciting place to experience contemporary art. Neesh invites you to exchange ideas with serious emerging artists in their studios. Build your art knowledge, build an art collection, build a dialogue that lasts a lifetime.



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Silent Partner: William Dilworth, Katarina Jerinic & Emmy Mikelson

Fran Holstrom

Aquarius proudly presents Silent Partner, a three-person exhibition in an ongoing collaboration with Neesh Interactive. This pop-up exhibition considers artists featured on Neesh’s online platform (, curated by Fran Holstrom. This exhibition presents the work of artists with vastly different practices, related by their interest in our urban landscape, the medium of photography, and the boundaries imposed by both. Please join us for an opening reception featuring newly realized works by: William Dilworth, Katarina Jerinic and Emmy Mikelson.

Opening: Friday, May 3rd 7pm - 9pm
On View: Sundays, May 5 – 19th Noon - 6pm
Cocktails: Sunday, May 19th from 3 - 6pm

“Landscape is our silent partner. Yes the earth can roar and the earth can scream but its’ nature is to quietly exist. So much so that we as people can become disengaged from our dependence on that partnership. Artwork that refocuses us in any way on landscape asks us to come to our senses and commune with, rather than ravage, the earth.”

The above is an excerpt from an email written by artist Bill Dilworth to the curator. For images and full Press Release, please click here.

Neesh Group Show @Aquarius OPENS JUNE 3RD

Fran Holstrom

OPENING: Sunday, June 3rd, 4-7pm
ON VIEW: Saturdays, June 9 & 16, noon -12pm

Liz Ainslie
Inna Babaeva
Andy Cross
Stacy Fisher
Alex Paik
Mitchell Wright

Skylight is a group exhibition that celebrates artwork concerned with the affects of color that also includes curves, dots or orbs, which puncture, accentuate or define physical space. 

Come visit us to see the work of these artists in person.

1116-A Wyckoff Avenue, Ridgewood
(L to Halsey)



Fran Holstrom

New Glass works made in collaboration with Urban Glass, by Inna Babaeva, during 2017 art residency

Throat Chakra features three artists whose work is Insistently abstract. Joy Curtis' frayed wall hangings, Gail Fitzgerald's boxy 3D paintings, and bulbous glass forms made by Inna Babaeva. Curated by Chirstine Heindl.

Featuring artists:
Inna Babaeva
Joy Curtis
Gail Fitzgerald

ON VIEW: April 15 - May 7, 2017
GALLERY HOURS: Sat & Sun, 12-6pm

Spring Fling: Pop-up Show & Magazine Launch

Fran Holstrom


Curated by Fran Holstrom, in collaboration with Aquarius Studios in Ridgewood, Queens

         Eric Hibit, "Flowering Bonsai" acrylic on panel, 20” x 16”, 2017

         Eric Hibit, "Flowering Bonsai" acrylic on panel, 20” x 16”, 2017

Aquarius proudly presents Spring Fling, our first gallery exhibition, in collaboration with Neesh Interactive. This pop-up exhibition considers a selection of artists featured in the print publication, “Neesh, Issue No. 1, Spring 2017”, produced by the curator and founder of Neesh, Fran Holstrom. Neesh offers a sample of the distinct conceptual and material motivations utilized in the emerging art scene at large. Please join us for an opening reception featuring works by:

Wm. Dilworth
Jennifer Grimyser
Eric Hibit
Katarina Jerinic
Matt Miller

Opening: Friday, April 7th, 7-9pm
On view:  Saturdays April 8th & 15th, Noon - 6pm


Bill Dilworth’s practice centers on mark-making, and involves a variety of novel approaches. The artist’s body is an instrument to skoot, push and smear paint: oversize canvases record footwork in action, while meandering installations record the artist’s fingerprints as they feel their way around the room. Dilworth also incorporates a conceptual practice that notes the passage of time, finds connections in nature, and across linguistic patterns.                                        

Jennifer Grimyser’s photographs have the professional polish of a glossy magazine, yet use none of the digital tricks. Each photograph is painstakingly constructed in the studio. The resulting images have a heavy graphic nature, tight cropping, and pictorial flattening, yet provide visual clues to help the viewer navigate. Words, symbols, and diagrams are placed within the image concretely, often casting shadows, while 3D imagery is collapsed to freely intermingle in the textual field.

Eric Hibit’s paintings are characterized by crisp imagery and exquisite detail. Lovingly considered from conception to the final embellishments, Hibit excels in two tandem modes of painting: one flat, representational and intimately scaled, the other abstract and constructed to bulge off the wall. Textiles such as tapestry and needlepoint have influenced his repeated gesture, evidenced in the application of innumerable hand-painted dots.

Katarina Jerinic draws attention to our interactions with the built landscape. Katarina’s artwork manifests itself in maps, suites of photographs, walking tours, videos, and handmade editions. The project Beautification This Site, document Jerinic’s interaction with a leftover piece of land acquired through the Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway Program.  This series of photographs exemplify the artist’s dark humor centering on the notion of ‘territory’ in its expectant state.

Matt Miller builds each painting through an idiosyncratic dance of reductive and additive processes. Embracing dissonance with anachronistic color and dense gestures, Miller’s raw, underworked aesthetic is the result of a time-consuming process. The resulting pocks in the ground and raised surface of each brushstroke are often a springboard for the addition of yet more collapsed shapes, that add dimensionality until the painting pushes towards sculpture.  work relies on deeply textured, bold, expressionist brushstrokes.

Neesh features emerging artists making original, collectible work from their extensive network, and encourages dialogue with the artists. Visit to request a studio visit or buy artwork online.

Aquarius is located at 1116-A Wyckoff Avenue, Queens, NY.
For the gallery, enter through the driveway.
(L to Halsey / M to Myrtle Wyckoff / B26 bus from downtown Brooklyn)
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