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Brooklyn, NY 11226
United States


New York City is an exciting place to experience contemporary art. Neesh invites you to exchange ideas with serious emerging artists in their studios. Build your art knowledge, build an art collection, build a dialogue that lasts a lifetime.


More About Us

Learn more about what drives us to do this thing we call 'Neesh'.


Because we love artists! We are willing to do what it takes to make our community stronger & more visible. We handle the business stuff so artists can concentrate on making great artwork. 


Who are 'we'? We are artists too, living in Brooklyn for 15+ years. We have MFAs from prestigious schools, have worked in galleries & for famous artists, we've attended a gazillion shows, had shows ourselves, and we understand the system. We are creating an alternative to get artwork infront of connoisseurs.

Each artist on Neesh is invited personally, by one of Neesh's advisors. We are growing this online community to reflect the emerging art scene, one member at a time beginning in New York City.

We define connoisseurs as knowledgeable folks with a predilection for the emerging market including: gallerists, curators, collectors, scholars, critics, and other artists. Not a connoisseur yet? That's ok. The artworld can be intimidating, which is why we invite you to visit artists studios in the flesh, to get to know us first. Neesh also encourages folks who are in a position to collect art, but prefer guidance, to engage us for a more in depth experience.



Neesh is a grassroots organization in NYC that encourages artists and audiences to dialogue together by arranging studio visits, promoting artists online and hosting exhibitions. Neesh offers artists the opportunity to build their careers outside of, or in tandem with, the gallery system. As part of our service, we:

  • Research the artist/artwork, write an essay offering historical context & motivations, with a short bio/exhibition record, we also select artwork to create an Artist's Page on Neesh
  • Simplify the scheduling of studio visits & encourage connoisseurs to visit
  • Help establish prices consistent with the market
  • Streamline the sale of artwork
  • Assist with shipping & best practices
  • Provide a certificate of authenticity to the buyer
  • Pay artists a high % on sales
  • Include artists in exhibitions, our print magazine & more

If an artist, or their gallery, can't provide high quality JPEGS, we are available to photograph work ourselves. We are also available to advise participating artists on career development.



When a connoisseur requests a visit, Neesh works with both parties to set a date. Artists set the parameters. Once confirmed, connoisseurs will receive the artist's full location & contact infoIf the artist prefers privacy, a Neesh advisor can lead the visit without giving contact information out.



Did you miss that seminal show? Do you live outside NYC but want to know what's going on? By leveraging artist's existing studios, all they have to do is be a good host & present the work we have mutually agreed to. We do plan to add other cities and introduce emerging artists to new audiences wherever they are.



We promote the heck out of our artists & provide an industry standard for their web presence. In addition, we provide the much needed moral support & advice a gallerist would, without the hassle of being tied down. We ask that each artist consign at least 6 artworks for Neesh to sell/promote. We ask for a smaller % commission than brick & mortar spaces, so our artists keep more profit. 

Think of it as profit sharing. We want artists to make money on their artwork :) and Neesh earns a small % of sales. If you already have a dealer, we can negotiate a split ahead of time, so everything is fair & transparent upfront.


Neesh Interactive is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Neesh Interactive must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.