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Brooklyn, NY 11226
United States


New York City is an exciting place to experience contemporary art. Neesh invites you to exchange ideas with serious emerging artists in their studios. Build your art knowledge, build an art collection, build a dialogue that lasts a lifetime.


Andy Cross

Mixed Nuts

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Andy Cross


Andy Cross


House Painter, 2012
Three color silkscreen on paper
22" x 30"
Edition of 100

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This print was made on the occasion of the of Andy Cross's solo exhibition at Martos in Manhattan's Chelsea art district. The exhibition titled House Painter included a lifesize structure in the center of the gallery that visitors could enter. The exterior was tiled by paintings made by the artist, in a variety of styles including portrait, landscape, and purely symbolic. Some pieces were upside-down or sideways, nullifying the image itself and instead creating a welcoming, personalized 'art space'.

There is a common misunderstanding, especially outside of New York City, that a 'painter' is someone who paints houses. The identity of an artist as one who makes culturally important objects instead of functional ones seems impossible to a large portion of the population, thus the artist's playful title. 

The 'house' structure was acquired by the Maramotti Family, and was shown in Italy shortly after.
Estimated Value: $400