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Brooklyn, NY 11226
United States


Neesh was founded by artists in Brooklyn, to offer an easy way for art lovers to discover & connect with artists in real life. Request a Studio Visit. Start a dialogue!



Stay Ahead of the Curve

We believe that entering a dialog with artists fosters a more passionate & confident connoisseurship. Neesh offers an easy way to discover artists & visit their studios--so you can ask questions & learn firsthand what inspires the work, how it developed & where it is going. Enter the discourse around contemporary art directly with the artists who make it, not a press release.

Neesh is run by artists enmeshed in the NYC scene. We keep standards high by inviting emerging artists making original, collectible work from our extensive network. In lieu of a traditional brick & mortar gallery, we leverage artists’ studio spaces, and are able to share a larger commission with the artists.

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